Hamebi Token(HMB) will be commercialized as the payment method inside Smart City infrastructures and promise you the best profit. Hamebi Token will be associated with MobiDollar and accelerate the accomplishment of 1st & 2nd Sustainable Development Goals.

White Paper

HMB Contract : 0xC3b2140aC3E95EdFea220681EeCA127fC81E4929

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About Hamebi

Payment Platform & Hamebi


The meaning of Hamebi Token (HMB)

The formal English name of the token is 'Hamebi Token', and 'HMB' is its abbreviation. The word, 'Hamebi' stands for
'Ha' is derived from the pronunciation of 'Highness' and 'High-level', which mean 'Royal' and 'Noble',
'Me' is derived from 'Metro', which means metropolitan, metropolis and metro, referring to 'wide-range', 'population more than 1 million' and 'capital city',
'Bi' is derived from 'Bitcoin', which means to follow the ideology to realize decentralization of blockchain cryptocurrency.

Blockchain & HAMEBI Token (HMB)

Hamebi Token(HMB) will become the leader in Blockchain Industry through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships and develop smart cities. Also, Hamebi Token(HMB) will be the center of true cryptocurrency and blockchain platform by the perfect realization of decentralization.

Payment Platform

Hamebi Token(HMB) is the specialized cryptocurrency, which is associated with MobiCoins Wallet Platform and MobiDollar. Thus, HMB can be used in our daily lives in various fields of payment, transaction, communication and credit such as wire-transfer, receipt, online shopping, global trade, legal currency P2P matching, loan, Mcash(MCH) deposit and so on.
MobiCoins Platform and Hamebi Token (HMB)

Smart City Payment Infrastructure

Hamebi Token(HMB) will play the key role in smart cities by building communication infra and payment platform to support the implementation of Smart City Projects in countries around the world. HMB will combine innovative technologies with urban infrastructures in various fields of services such as Payment, IoT, energy and welfare to solve various urban problems and improve the quality of life.

Hamebi Token(HMB) will guarantee the users great financial profit as soon as MobiDollar Infrastructure in Smart City is built. And Hamebi Token(HMB)’s value itself will highly increase as well.

MobiCoins Platform & Hamebi Token (HMB)


MobiCoins is the integrated wallet-platform that enables most financial transactions, such as On-/Offline payment, E-receipt, Escrow, loan, tax payment and so on. In addition, it includes messenger features itself in order for users to communicate by exchanging data and coins and plays the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Hamebi(HMB) Profit Model

Issuance Info

▣ Token name: Hamebi Token

▣ Product abbreviation: Hamebi

▣ Token symbol: HMB

▣ Decimal point: 18 digits

▣ Market price policy: organic linkage between fixed and floating exchange rates

▣ Linked Cash: HRO recharge, withdrawal, currency exchange, payment

▣ Distribution:

5,000,000,000 HMB (1st order)

5,000,000,000 HMB (2nd order)

▣ Mandatory inspection :

Participants are obligated to accept white papers that will be updated at all times.

※ For more details, please read Hamebi White Paper.


Team & Advisor



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the relationship among Hamebi Token(HMB), MobiDollar and MobiCoins?

A. Hamebi Token(HMB) is exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies inside MobiCoins Application, the integrated wallet platform. And through MobiCoins, Hamebi Token(HMB) will help ensure Survival Human Rights in the form of MobiDollar. MobiDollar not only is the currency with the abilities that normal currencies could have not had in a digital form, but also is the core of the 4th industrial revolution era that guarantees the balanced wealth and survival human rights by blockchain’s decentralization. And MobiCoins is an integrated wallet platform, which is interlinked with MobiDollar, and its 10% of profit will be donated for people in need and used to ensure their survival human rights. GBFC Website (Global Blockchain Finance Committee, www.gbfc.center) and Hamebi White Paper will help you learn more details about them.

Q2. Where can I purchase Hamebi Token(HMB)?

A. Hamebi Token (HMB) can be purchased by downloading the MobiCoins Wallet application or through the exchange.

◎ Application download link:


◎ Exchange website :https://www.finexbox.com/market/pair/HMB-BTC.html

Q3. How can I use Hamebi Token(HMB)?

A. On MobiCoins Wallet Application, you can enjoy so many functions such as wire-transfer, online shopping mall, P2P exchange and so on. You can also earn various rewards.

Q4. I purchased Hamebi Token(HMB), but I forgot my ID and Password. What should I do?

A. Please visit the website that you have purchased HMB and find your ID & Password. Please keep your important personal information in safe place.

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